Their Incredible Journey Begins Here

Whether you’ll be reuniting with your pet following a flight or picking up a new pet for the first time, My Pet Cab provides the safest nationwide car service to bring your companion home.

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USDA-certified for pet transport with TSA driver background checks.



Relationships with veterinary clinics across the U.S. plus 24/7 on-call vet access.



Interior and exterior monitoring cameras plus dual A/C temperature control.



24/7 dispatch team available to ensure your pet arrives on time no matter what.

Going the Extra Mile for Your Pet

It’s not always practical to travel with your pet, and some breeds are banned from flights for health reasons or confined to the sometimes unsafe cargo section due to their size. 

To get your pet safely from point A to point B, we created My Pet Cab. My Pet Cab offers the following services:

  • Door-to-door service between cities
  • Airport pickup to home drop-off

Our cross-country ground transportation service is a dog’s best friend—and the cat’s meow!

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