Whether you're moving your pet across the U.S., expecting their arrival on an international flight, or need a way to bring a new best friend home to you, My Pet Cab is your safe pet transportation specialist. We also have transport programs for responsible breeders too.

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Long Distance Ground Travel

For long trips and moves within the United States.

It’s not always practical (or possible) to bring your pet with you when you move cross country—so we bring them to you. My Pet Cab offers reliable nationwide pet transportation between 14 hubs (and counting) as well as door-to-door service to and from them. Using Class-A RVs and specialized vans with temperature control and camera monitoring we ensure your pet is comfortable throughout the entire journey.

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International Travel

For pets entering the United States.

Whether you’re flying in a new pet or moving your pet to the United States after a life or stay abroad, there are always going to be some security checks: How they fly, entry requirements, import regulations, and even a temporary quarantine may apply. As part of the Global Pet Alliance, My Pet Cab has been connecting and reconnecting people and their pets for decades, and we can take care of all these details for you.

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U.S. Ground Travel for New Pets

For new pet parents connecting with breeders.

The right pet isn’t always just down the street. Sometimes, they may be across the country, especially if you’re looking for a particular breed. So when you’ve found your perfect puppy or kitten with a responsible breeder, My Pet Cab will bring them to you in one of our Class-A RVs. Our trusted team of pet handlers make sure your new best friend travels in comfort and style!

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My Pet Cab Breeder Partner Program

Safe ground transportation for responsible breeders.

As a responsible breeder in the U.S., we know you care about the health and safety of each litter of puppies or kittens you raise. When you need to get a member of your brood to adoptive parents far away, My Pet Cab will go the distance for them and for you! We are proud to work with trustworthy breeders meeting the ASPCA’s best practices for responsible breeding, and always happy to connect a pet with a forever home.

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Get a glimpse into what your pet's transportation ride with My Pet Cab is really like. 

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