We’ve Got Connections

My Pet Cab prides itself on relationships – not just with our customers and their pets, but with the other reputable organizations that we work and partner with.


Animal Welfare Act (AWA) Registration Certificate

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My Pet Cab is certified by the USDA to transport pets in the United States.  We are inspected and have to pass annual reviews of our vehicles and drivers.  This is to protect you and your pets.  

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TSA Known Shipper Management System

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Every driver for My Pet Cab goes through extensive background checks including getting an STA number from the TSA.  This is something most drivers in the US don’t have and is extremely important if you hire someone to take your pet to the airport.  At My Pet Cab, we go the extra mile to make sure you and your pets are protected.  

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As part of the Global Pet Alliance, My Pet Cab is aligned with the following pet transportation services. 

Starwood Animal Transportation

Since 1984 Starwood Animal Transport has provided safe worldwide pet shipping services, offering safe, comfortable and stress-free experiences. If you’re flying your pet overseas, My Pet Cab can work with Starwood to arrange transport for you.

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Pacific Pet Transport

Los Angeles-based PacPet serves zoos, aquariums, celebrities, production companies, studios, professional athletes, major corporations, and individual families, arranging safe transport for domestic pets and exotic animals, such as a Sumatran rhino and Egyptian black-banded cobras.

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Global Pet Relocation

The industry leader in corporate relocation with accounts with the top Fortune 50 companies.  The Global Pet Relocation team works with executives to help relocate their pets all over the globe. 

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Global Pet Register

During any move, a pet is more likely to get lost since they don’t know where their new home is.  At Global Pet Registry, we work to find any lost pet through our high tech pet tags and a dynamic website that mobilizes once one of our pets goes missing.  This peace of mind is crucial during any more.

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